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Miniature Schnauzer


Miniature Schnauzers normally have a small, squarely proportioned build, measuring 120 to 140 inches (300 to 360 cm) tall and weighing 11 to 15 pounds (5.0 to 6.8 kg) for females and 140 to 180 pounds (64 to 82 kg) for males. They have a double coat. The exterior fur is wiry and the undercoat is softer. The coat is trimmed short on the body, but the hair on ears, legs, and edge of the body, a.k.a. the "furnishings", are retained. The first Breed Standard for the Schnauzer, established in 1907, required specific color formation: "Color: All salt and pepper color shades or similar bristly equal color mixtures and solid black. Faults: ...All white, speckled, brindles, red, or bran colors."

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